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This Nina Jablonski Keynote Reveals the Need for Physical Contact

 - May 24, 2012
References: ted & vimeo
In this Nina Jablonski keynote the author of 'Skin: A Natural History' discusses the need for humans to remain in contact through physical touch rather than digital communication.

Jablonski begins her speech by asking the audience to touch someone next to them for a few minutes and to not talk while doing so. The exercise revealed that the majority of individuals do not do something similar everyday and are thus slightly averse to such an activity. Receiving information through our senses and our skin is fundamentally crucial to the development of human economy.

Hands are equipped with an array of complex nerve endings in order to receive and send information to the brain regarding one's surroundings. In an age where physical communication is giving way to electronic and digital media it is more important then ever to reassure each other through personal and physical interactions, rather than texting an emoticon.