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This Nina Jablonski Keynote Discusses Skin Pigmentation

 - May 7, 2012
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This Nina Jablonski keynote delves into the reasons why the human race has varying skin tones.

Her theory of the evolution of skin color deviates from the Darwinian model, as his work claims that the temperature and climate of the Earth had no impact on the pigmentation of people. The speaker, a primatologist and evolutionary biologist, instead argues that the degree of exposure to UV rays and inhabiting varying climates leads to either a lighter or darker coloring of the skin.

She designates differing coloring in individuals as being a product of migration and a natural evolution by the species to adapt to their new climate. Interestingly, she also discusses the problems that have now arisen wherein individuals migrate to climates to which their skin color is not accustomed, and their bodies are not designed to deal with.