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Rabbi Soetendorp Reveals How All People Have the Power to Do Good Things

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: charterforcompassion.org & youtube
In this moving and inspiring keynote, that was received with a standing ovation at the event, Rabbi Soetendorp tells a story of survival, compassion and perseverance to his audience. Soetendorp reveals to the attendees how his family was able to help him survive being endangered in 1943 Amsterdam by appealing to the compassion of the very Gestapo people who threatened Soetendorp and his family in the first place. Through his personal account, Soetendorp informs the crowd why he believes in the basic goodness of people, and he educates them why it’s important for everyone to become global partners in taking care of each other and the planet in order to prevent our own destruction. In his touching keynote on compassion, Rabbi Soetendorp asks his audience if they will open their hearts to change.