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This Value of Mentoring Keynote is Delivered by Susan Weinberger

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: mentorconsultinggroup & vimeo
Dr. Susan Weinberger provides extensive information about advocacy for support institutions in this value of mentoring keynote.

The talented educator takes on the challenge of answering the question: "does mentoring work?" With her strong background as an academic professional, she explores the advantages of a nurturing relationship between pupil and guide. Furthermore, Weinberger supports her endorsement for this cause with history and statistics. The well-researched dialogue in her presentation results in a favorable outcome for her argument on the importance of mentoring initiatives and institutions.

In addition, it encourages an open dialogue to discover beneficial factors that come from the positive role models and deliberately supportive relationships. These include improved morale, values and confidence in both mentors and their protégés. Dr. Susan Weinberger’s advocacy for educational support holds great merit in this value of mentoring keynote.