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Peter Norvig's Education Speech Discusses Teaching the Blogosphere

 - Jun 26, 2012
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Peter Norvig's education speech shares his remarkable accomplishment of simultaneously teaching a class to 175 students at Stanford and over 100,000 who were tuned in online, from all around the world.

Norvig, who rose to the challenge of creating an online class that was better quality than or equivalent quality to an in-class learning experience, accomplished this feat with a colleague. Their main goal was to emulate the type of one-on-one teaching and mentoring received in a classroom setting, which Norvig believes is so important and beneficial.

Reactions to the online class were extremely positive, attracting thousands of students signing in from all across the world. The curriculum consists of two-minute videos, followed by a mini quiz. Each video is only up for a limited amount of time so that students are motivated to continue with the next one. Due dates are also implemented so as to encourage group work and collaboration. Norvig's education speech demonstrates the potential of online schooling in the world today.