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Jason Ryan Dorsey discusses Gen-Y's Economic Roles

 - Feb 26, 2012
References: jasondorsey & youtu.be
Author and entrepreneur Jason Ryan Dorsey discusses Gen-Y's potential spending power, stating that the generation is predicted to outspend their baby boomer parents by the year 2017. With an endless number of markets targeted towards the age group, this generation is gaining spending status and becoming a key economic player.

Dorsey stresses that we are starting to exert all of our spending influence. As clients, members of Gen-Y bring more value than any other generation because of their continuously growing spending power, making them a critical opportunity for organizations to address.

In order to succeed, corporations must stay in touch with Gen-Y's habits and interests. Urging organizations to create a memorable consumer experience and encouraging communication, Jason Ryan Dorsey stresses the important role of our world's youth.