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An Undying Entrepreneurial Focus Keynote by Kevin O'Leary

 - Feb 4, 2013
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In this undying entrepreneurial focus keynote by Kevin O'Leary, he dispels the myth that you can be successful in business while still maintaining a balance between work and life.

O'Leary, who is best known for his role on CBC's Dragon's Den as well as ABC's Shark Tank, is an investor and businessman. With experience operating many different businesses, he defines freedom as the kind of wealth that allows you to completely control your own time. He asserts that there is no more noble a quest than that of acquiring wealth.

However, he throws cold water on the notion that such freedom can be acquired alongside a balance between work and life. He says intense, undying focus is required to get rich and anything less will result in failure to achieve the kind of freedom he's talking about.