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This Trust Economy Keynote by Rachel Botsman Introduces Micro-Preneurs

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: rachelbotsman & youtu.be
In this trust economy keynote, Rachel Botsman explains why someone's reputation is soon going to become the most valuable asset in the market. Technology is creating a market for things that never had a market before -- from lessons on making sushi to ride sharing and dog-sitting.

Botsman then introduces the concept of "micro-prenurs," which empowers people to make and save money from their own assets. Thanks to technology, individuals can now post their services online, only to be read by someone half way across the world. Technology has made it possible to build trust between strangers.

Companies like Etsy and Kickstarter, which are built on human connections and not just empty transactions, are enabling strangers to engage in a two-way trade that is both sustaining and profitable. This transformation is revolutionizing the principles of concepts like supply and demand.

Botsman's trust economy keynote explores the way the modern market continues to evolve.