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Leah Busque Talks Marketplaces in this Sharing Economy Keynote

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: taskrabbit & youtu.be
Founder of TaskRabbit.com Leah Busque shares the key foundations of a marketplace model in this sharing economy keynote. As a former software engineer, Busque discusses how she developed a business that took social networking into what Busque dubs "service networking." This term is defined by Busque as "the productive and service power of a web-based social networked community," and relies on connecting people in real life to get things done. This is an attempt to get people to live more efficiently together by leveraging technology as a local tool.

Technology can create efficiency and trust in a community, especially when using a peer-to-peer market model. Busque finds that her service networking platform TaskRabbit.com helps create collaborative consumption in local communities. The connection of location, social and mobile technology has allowed for Busque to create a successful model that brings online into the real world.