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Michael Treacy's Market Leadership Speeches Offer Four Pieces of Advice

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: treacyandco & youtu.be
Michael Treacy, the President and founder of Treacy & Company, discusses four different strategies to help corporations achieve global market leadership in their businesses during this speech. He's committed his career to helping companies and brands become international leaders in their industries.

The first strategy to achieve global market leadership is to rise from the bottom. Companies such as Toyota and Hyundai both started with low price products to build a loyal consumer base before innovating to appeal to a wider group of consumers.

The second strategy for global market leadership is to serve the top consumers of the market to establish a first world standard of value. This will enable companies to set the bar and control a large portion of the market.

Reaping the benefits of globally exploiting a local product is Treacy's third strategy for gaining market leadership, and his fourth strategy is all about localizing global expertise.