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Magatte Wade's Cultural Economic Keynote Discusses American Global Penetration

 - Jul 10, 2012
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Magatte Wade's cultural economic keynote is a refreshing, enlightening and intelligent conversation on how American brands have come to dominate the world, its markets and its citizens. She discusses the extent to which America has mastered the exportation of its culture through a wide range of brands. From the clothes people wear to the food they eat, the drinks they drink and the way they decorate their homes, individuals all over the world strive to emulate a life similar to those experienced by Americans. The perception America has created of itself appeals to billions and invites itself into these people's homes.

Wagette believes that Africa can do well and be well by becoming a strong economic and cultural force that people want to include in their lives. While many people believe that government to government aid is the answer, Wagette's cultural economic keynote focuses on improving the perception of Africa all around the world as means to developing its power and sustainability.