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The Shalini Kantayya Conference Explores the Global Issue of Consumption

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: thelavinagency & youtube
This Shalini Kantayya conference explores the increasing threat of a water depletion. Kantayya is a TED Fellow and director of 'A Drop of Life,' an award-winning sci-fi film educating on the issue of water scarcity.

Kantayya urges the audience to take action and initiative in environmental issues and human rights. She opens with the shocking fact that, "Two thirds of the world's citizens -- four billion people -- will not have adequate access to water by the year 2027." As a natural reaction, one feels remorse for those in India and sub-Saharan Africa. However, Kantayya points out that these issues have seeped into American culture as well. In Atlanta, it was considered illegal to water your lawn or wash your car by penalty of a $500 fine.

This shocking set of statistics illustrates the urgency of the issue of water resources, and the ultimate need to resolve the overwhelming problems with innovations.