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This Bart Knols Keynote Introduces a Pill to Kill the World's Mosquitoes

 - May 15, 2012
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In this highly interactive and engaging Bart Knols keynote, the malariologist shares with the audience his research and discoveries surrounding mosquitoes and the fight against malaria. He explains how humans create a variety of chemicals to which mosquitoes are attracted. Different types of mosquitoes will be attracted to different types of chemicals and scents. For example, the African malarian mosquito has a preference for feet and ankles.

Knols then introduces his revolutionary breakthrough pill that is capable of killing mosquitoes that have bitten an individual who has taken the tablet. Sharing a video with the audience that has been sped up to show how the mosquitoes die after biting someone who took the pill, he demonstrates the potential of the human population to tackle malaria once and for all and save lives of millions.