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This Michael Pollan Speech Offers a New Way of Seeing the World Today

 - May 8, 2012
References: michaelpollan & youtu.be
In this Micheal Pollan speech, the speaker who is the author of book 'The Omnivore’s Dilemma,' discusses the relationship humans share with nature. He asks the audience to try to see the world from a plant's point of view. In doing so, humans can understand the tools they use on a daily basis in a very different way.

He explains that by taking on a plant's perspective, agriculture takes on an entirely alternate meaning. Instead of agriculture representing an invention or human technology, it becomes a co-evolutionary development, in which a group of clever species exploited humans, resulting in them deforesting the world.

Pollan suggests that taking on a plant's point of view might be the cure for the disease of human self-importance. Humans are so accustomed to seeing themselves as the only species capable of conscious thinking. If humans can begin to see the crucial, and very similar, role plants play, the world can be a much better place.