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Emilie Tappolet's Technology Presentation Discusses Storytelling

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: youtu.be
In her technology presentation, Emilie Tappolet explains how advances in technology present new opportunities for storytelling and provides new mediums worth exploring. A self-described interaction design expert, the speaker discusses how interactivity requires the creator to give up some measure of control and power in order to be successful.

The technology presentation encourages people to get a better grasp on the technologies she mentions so they can write for them and pioneer a new frontier. Given the technology's newness, failure is an important part of the process and performing testing early on is necessary to move forward. She notes just one project of hers was described as transmedia, moving media, augmented reality, virtual reality, an interactive e-book and more. As the cinema, theater and world of literature all have set rules, there is a window with interactive media design that allows content creators to explore, dare, fail more and take risks.