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Jon Cozart's Viral Video Keynote Encourages Us to Find Our Voice

 - May 27, 2014
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Jon Cozart wonders what makes a YouTube video worth watching in his viral video keynote.

Cozart got his YouTube start as a seventh grader. His first submission was a video essay on World War Two, in which he played ever character. Cozart was dismayed when the video garnered dismal views, and quickly became fascinated with what causes a video to go viral. He created and posted about thirty videos over the course of his high school career, but didn't achieve mainstream success until the wildly popular 'Harry Potter in 99 Seconds.' The video earned him 2 million views and 78 thousand subscribers in a week, ultimately transforming him into a professional YouTuber, comedian and musician overnight.

Cozart, who goes by the YouTube moniker 'Paint,' prides himself on an immaculate standard of production. He notes that in this digital moment, where everyone owns a camera, a computer and a personality, it's never been easier for people to communicate their stories to the world, a feat that he whole-heartedly encourages.