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A life coach with a longtime passion for psychology, Tara Sophia Mohr works as a personal growth...

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Tara Sophia Mohr Discusses the Impact of Being Afraid

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: taramohr & youtube
Tara Sophia Mohr has a distinctive zen-like perspective on the challenges of daily life. Her expertise is driven by the satisfaction of success, and the opportunity to learn from failures. She shares her dynamic means of living as a representative of United States in the BBC World Service Radio program "Born A Girl," which outlines lives of young women internationally. Her ideologies are relatable, effective and simple.

Mohr shares her thoughts on how to overcome fear. Being your authentic self is daunting and reaching your dreams is anxiety-inducing. She discusses the Hebrew word ‘pachad.’ Pachad is an irrational fear, an imagined worst case scenario. This is a typical fear. However, Mohr also discusses ‘yirah.’ Yirah is less of a fear, and more of a sense of awe. It is a trembling feeling when you sense yourself in the presence of something bigger than you have been in before. In accepting yirah, you can actualize your dreams.