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The Dan Heath keynotes discuss how individuals tend to focus on failures, rather than successes....

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Dan Heath Encourages Individuals to Recognize Their Strengths

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: heathbrothers & youtu.be
Author Dan Heath discusses individuals' habit of obsessing over their failures instead of embracing their successes. Using a study showcased by author Marcus Buckingham, the speaker explains a common parental reaction when faced with a good report card that has one failing grade.

Instead of focusing on the subjects their child is excelling at, parents often fear failure, highlighting weak areas that are troubling to them. The author expresses how individuals use their analytical powers to emphasize why things are going wrong rather than right.

Though he recognizes the benefits in wanting to improve failures, Heath encourages individuals to spend time scaling and cloning what is working in their lives and applying this to situations that need problem solving instead of obsessing about what isn't working in their lives.