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Dietmar Dahmen Discusses the Advantages of Risky Modifications

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: dietmardahmen & youtube
Dietmar Dahmen is an "enricher of people, brand, user experience," as it states on his website. As the rate of change in technology and services gets faster and faster, Dahmen discusses how to take advantage of the overwhelming revisions in business models.

In this age, speed rules. New things are getting older more rapidly -- innovation never sleeps. Most companies avoid change and see it as a crippling disadvantage, which ultimately destroys the business. These businesses don’t see the threat in coming technologies, nor the opportunity.

Young entrepreneurs side step this "competence blindness," as Dahmen refers to it. Small entry-level businesses have a ‘Why Not’ attitude which allows for a colossal advantage. In accepting risk of market share, these companies fight the fear of change. These companies willing to change clearly see what the consumer wants and needs, not what is best for the company.