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Diaz Nesamoney Discusses When to Make Last Minute Decisions

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: jivox & youtube
In this insightful discussion, founder, president and CEO of Jivox, Diaz Nesamoney talks about why it is important to be flexible and why one must even be able to sometimes change their mind when it comes to making very important decisions. He explains that circumstances around business decisions are always in flux, and that without a moment's notice any situation can change.

Diaz advises that if any of these factors, or any others that could have a negative consequence for your business change, then as a company, you should be able to change as well. In this important video, Diaz Nesamoney reveals the value in being able to recognize that a good company is always evolving and shares this with his audience to give them an understanding of how this quality can benefit their own organizations.