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In her keynotes, Ellen MacArthur draws on her own experience as a record-setting sailor and her role...

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Ellen MacArthur Discusses the Need for Systematic Change in the Economy

Ellen MacArthur is a retired competitive sailor. After beating the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe in a sailboat, MacArthur became inspired by the concept of natural resources. Her finite resources on the ship sparked a passionate pursuit of rethinking and redesigning a sustainable future. Ellen MacArthur's speech explores natural resources and establishing a systematic Circular Economy.

Currently, the world is running on a linear economy; something is made, used and thrown away. The world is bumping into limits with resources and waste. Even if an effort was made to consume and waste less, the growing population would level out contributions. She believes that the answer is to create a circular economy. This concept is different from recycling as it represents a redesign of the designing process. According to Ellen MacArthur products should be "made to be made again." Instead of tinkering with effectiveness, the process of creation needs to change.