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Anushka Naiknaware's Talk on Wound Healing and Tracking

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: ted & ted
14-year-old scientist Anushka Naiknaware gave a TED Talk on wound healing and designing a sensor to track the healing process, becoming the youngest Google Science Fair winner of all time.

Naiknaware begins her speech by stating that with the inspiration of Marie Curie, she started to dedicate independent research on the fields of mathematics and chemistry -- reading journals and competing in science fairs, eventually coming across the topic of chronic wounds. Educating herself on chronic wounds (a cut that fails to heal properly because of a preexisting condition), Naiknaware found out that the number of people in the United States affected by chronic wounds surpasses the number of people with breast cancer.

Finding a correlation between moisture levels inside wound dressing and the stage of healing a wound should be at -- she designed a sensor to measure the moisture level to help doctors and patients treat wounds more effectively and expedite the healing process. After multiple attempts, designs and trails, Anushka Naiknaware designed a product that is successful and interface with a Bluetooth chip to allow screenshots to be sent directly to any doctor or patient that could need it.