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Rola Hallam's Talk Focuses on Local Syrian Humanitarians

 - May 18, 2018
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Rola Hallam, humanitarian aid entrepreneur and TED fellow gave a talk on local humanitarians, doctors, nurses and aid workers that are working to help responders on the ground in the devastated communities in Syria. The destruction of health care is being as a war weapon to diminish and destroy local neighborhoods, yet these people are volunteering their time while risking their lives to save others.

The talk starts out with Hallam stating how she originally was affected by bombings in Syria, receiving a text message that stated five hospitals in Aleppo were bombed. She continues to state that people that go through such horrible things only make it through with the help of volunteers from Syrian organizations that carry out 75% of the humanitarian work, yet they only receive 0.3% of the aid budget. With all of that information, Hallam decided to create the CanDo foundation, a startup that is determined to address the imbalance and provide health care to war-devastated communities.

With crowdfunding the campaign was able to rebuild a whole new children's hospital, treating over 15,000 children in just one year. Rola Hallam finishes her talk on local humanitarians coming together to risk themselves for the better good by states that everyone can help by matching their courage by not looking away -- instead, coming together to save more lives.