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Dan Gartenberg's Lecture on Health Shows the Value of Sleep

 - Apr 20, 2018
References: youtube & ted
Dan Gartenberg, a TED resident with a PhD in both Human Factors and Applied Cognition, delivered a lecture on health in which he explains every deep sleep benefit and how technology can help people get more of it.

He begins by explaining the body's need for sleep and how everyday technology is minimizing the body's naturally occurring circadian rhythm. By allowing the circadian rhythm to be hindered, the body will slow down, affecting all productivity, mood, and overall sleep effectiveness. He states the average American is sleeping a full hour less than necessary, creating a health crisis that is known to cause heart disease, stroke and many other life-altering possibilities.

This is why Dan Gartenberg devotes his time to studying not only the quantity but also the quality of sleep -- creating a sound wave that plays at the specific part of a person's sleep to promote deep sleep to make seven and a half hours feel like eight full hours. In doing so, he created a way to offer every deep sleep benefit to promote positive health benefits such as memory and the ability to learn.

With his speech on deep sleep and sound waves, Dan Gartenberg takes complicated science and describes it in a way that anyone could understand -- inspiring everyone to get the best sleep for the best life.