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Yvonne Orji Explores Her Own Journey in Her Talk on Virginity

 - May 3, 2017
References: vibe & youtube
Yvonne Orji, a Nigerian-American comedian, writer, and actress, considers how waiting has empowered her in her talk on virginity.

As she grew up in a deeply traditional and religious household, Orji was told that she could not engage in any sexual activity until she was married -- so she planned to marry her boyfriend as soon as she turned 18. When she got to college however, she broke up with her boyfriend and accepted a friend's invite to a campus bible study meeting -- where she says that she was "bamboozled by Jesus" and decided to wait until the time was truly right for her. At 33, Orji is still holding onto her virginity, as she still claims to not have found the right person.

Although Orji's decision certainly is not for everyone, her talk on virginity shows that there's value in taking the time to really consider relationships before totally committing to them, and ensuring that one isn't pressured into giving up their values or beliefs for the benefit of another person.