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Renee Minx's Talk on Sexual Abuse Explains the Problems with Victim Blaming

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: tedxguilford & youtube
To begin her talk on sexual abuse, Renee Minx goes over just how prevalent this kind of violence is, and offers some insight regarding her personal experiences as a victim.

She says that she transitioned from being a victim to being a survivor by following a system that she calls the "Three Gs." The steps include: getting honest, getting help, and giving help. Despite the prevalence of sexual abuse, the issue has gone largely uncovered, which Renee Minx attributes in part to the "culture of silence" that prevents victims from speaking out.

Not only are these cases often left untreated, but they make victims more likely to suffer mental illnesses in the future as a result -- which is something Renee Minx says she has experienced firsthand. One of the main issues that needs to be overcome is the lack of connection between the opinions of greater society and the actions of them. A large part of this comes from dated societal norms, which cause victims to feel shame for what was done to them and has even influenced laws that limits the amount of time that victims are able to come forward and charge their abuser.

Throughout her talk on sexual abuse, Renee Minx speaks to her own experiences and the problems she's faced in the current social climate. With this, she brings light to the deep-seated issues that victims deal with, as well as the lack of resources that are available to them in a broad sense. By speaking out on these problems, she hopes that others are able to find their voice and get the help they need.