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In His Talk on Diversity, Connor Rollo Considers Representation

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Connor Rollo, an activist and a student at the Eden High School in Ontario's Niagara Region, discusses the need to represent people of different ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations in pop culture in his talk on diversity.

As a white male, Rollo hasn't come across many scenarios where he's found that people who look like him aren't represented in the media, however his awareness of this fact has enabled him to see that minority groups are very often left out.
He argues that representation of different groups throughout pop culture is of high importance, as young people often look to figures who are perpetuated in the media as role models.

Therefore, he says that if the media is more inclusive of minorities, young people who identify with them are better able to deal with personal struggles. In addition, Rollo argues in his talk on diversity that this would help to decrease stereotypical thinking, which can be incredibly problematic.