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In Her Talk on Thought, Penny Zenker Considers Positive Energy

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: pennyzenker360 & youtube
Penny Zenker, an author, business coach, and trainer, uncovers how one can maximize their potential through positive energy in her talk on thought.

To start, she asks her audience what they'd do if they had the power to manipulate time, and then references a scene from 'The Matrix,' to show how one can control time without even being aware of their ability to do so. With this, Zenker uses metaphor to expose that energy management is the key to having more success. In addition, she shows that even the problems associated with high stress levels and anxiety can be minimized by adapting the mindset behind them.

Throughout her talk on thought, Zenker considers various examples where one's mindset has directly impacted their success, and shows that negative thinking leads to negative results, while positive thinking leads to positive results. By doing the latter, she says that one can minimize their challenges, and give themselves the opportunity to flourish by getting rid of the self doubt that plagues so many.