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Steve Shields Shows How Communities Can Improve in His Talk on Seniors

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Steve Shields, the President and CEO of Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community in Kansas, starts out his talk on seniors by showing his audience a promotional video that highlights the impact that multi-generational living can have on them.

For many, retirement homes are thought of as desolate institutions that leave them without any room for choice, and without the loving connections that are so important to them. By allowing seniors to maintain their independence and be surrounded by those who are in different stages of their lives, they're able to focus on their health and wellness, rather than their illnesses.

With his talk on seniors, Shields highlights the need for change when it comes to retirement communities, and prompts his audience to have more compassion for the generation that raised them so that they can live out their remaining years with a greater sense of purpose and community.