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In His Speech on Bioethics, Paul Knoepfler Breaks Down Enhancements

 - Feb 14, 2017
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Paul Knoepfler, a writer, biologist and professor, considers the dilemma faced by society when it comes to genetic modifications on unborn children in his speech on bioethics.

For many, the thought of using science to "enhance" a child is wrong, due to the idea that parents consciously made the decision to alter certain attributes. For some parents however, this is without a doubt the right way to go, as this can lead to children that have superior intelligence, better physical attributes and much more. As Paul Knoepfler explains, there's now a whole new generation of children with genetic modifications, who are said to be noticeably healthier than previous generations -- causing them to have lower healthcare costs and even be immune to HIV/AIDS and various genetic diseases.

Despite these many benefits, there's still a lot of stigma regarding so-called "designer babies," as many believe there's something simply unnatural about them. In addition, Paul Knoepfler's speech on bioethics reveals that genetically modified children are more prone to being violent and narcissistic. Despite the fact that creating designer babies is illegal in some countries, others are taking parts of the practice to prevent children from being born with certain diseases -- which has caused for there to be a more widespread acceptance regarding it.

With his speech on bioethics, Paul Knoepfler prompts his audience to think about the benefits of this evolution in medicine, as well as the restrictions that should be put on it.