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Daniel Wozniczka Considers Revolution in His Talk on Medicine

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: tedxnorthwesternu & youtube
Daniel Wozniczka, a physician based out of Chicago who's also completing his MBA and MPH degrees at the University of Illinois, shows what the next generation of healthcare professionals will bring to the table in his talk on medicine.

He starts out by telling his audience of the time that he and his team were able to revive a man's heart so that he could be present for his daughter's wedding just a few weeks later. Although Wozniczka claims to love medicine and the rewarding work like this that comes with it, he says that he doesn't "love" his job, due to the constant hassle of dealing with insurance claims, as well as the other specifics that end up removing doctors from the practice and putting immense pressure on them.

By showing the faults of the American healthcare system in depth, Wozniczka's talk on medicine targets the problems that professionals in the field have to deal with as a result -- which has led to a suicide epidemic. By exposing these issues, Wozniczka is able to show the impact that millennials can make in the field by taking over hospital administrative roles and helping to reform laws.