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Mithila Palkar Shows the Need to Experiment in Her Talk on Planning

 - Jun 30, 2017
References: scoopwhoop & youtube
Mithila Palkar, a singer and actor from Mumbai, begins her inspiring talk on planning with a song, which allows her to show her passion to her TEDxNITSilchar audience.

Although many young people put pressures on themselves to set rigid goals to lead a successful life, Palkar shows that sometimes the best results happen when one follows their desires, rather than a structure that everyone else believes they should stick to. As a creative who grew up in a family that values education and set career paths, Palkar understands from firsthand experience what it's like to go against the expectations of loved ones.

She discovered at a young age that her passion lies in telling stories, but she wasn't exactly sure how she wanted to express this. This uncertainty caused her to explore her different options, which allowed her to learn a lot about herself, but also opened up more opportunities for failure. With her talk on planning, Palkar inspires her audience to take some of the pressure off themselves, and give themselves the space to experiment and find what they love, even if it means facing failure.