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Keiana Cavé Considers Great Entrepreneurs in Her Talk on Bragging

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: michigandaily & youtube
Keiana Cavé, an entrepreneur and a student at the University of Michigan, delivered a talk on bragging during the TEDxESADE event.

She starts out by describing the typical "obnoxious" person, who is defined by their constant need to show off and attract attention to themselves, their shameless self-promotion, and their high energy levels. While these characteristics might equate to an unbearable and overbearing personality to some, they're actually some of the traits that highly successful entrepreneurs have.

Cavé continues her talk on bragging by diving into the sense of power that can be achieved when when a person carries themselves with a sense of self-aware confidence, and doesn't shy away from their ability. By showing how a relentless drive for success can have a positive impact on a person, Cavé inspires her audience to keep their goals in check and not let the judgments of others get them down in the process.