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In Her Talk on Mothers, Andrea Dibben Considers the Pressures They Face

 - Jun 22, 2017
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Andrea Dibben, a civil rights activist and lawyer, begins her talk on mothers by acknowledging a statement made by Kate Middleton regarding her struggles with the adjustments that having a baby brought.

Given that a woman as privileged as Middleton still feels a sense of pressure to be the "ideal mother," feelings felt by those who aren't in such positions of power are only magnified, and they are often villainized for their actions as a result. In addition, women who don't fit into the narrow societal boundaries for what constitutes a good and responsible mother are unjustly judged, whether it's for their age, sexual orientation, marital status, or their financial independence.

By exposing the pressures and judgments that these women face, Dibben aims to help break the stigma surrounding the capabilities of those who fall outside of the societal boundaries previously explained in her talk on mothers.