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In Her Talk on Lactation, Katie Hinde Discusses the Human Body

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Katie Hinde, a researcher who's spent much of her career studying breast milk, discusses how it was the first superfood in her talk on lactation.

She starts out by explaining the immense amounts of time and energy that it takes for women to feed their babies, and how the development of mammals is influenced by its consumption.

She continues her talk on lactation by going into specific points of research regarding breast milk, and how mammals can grow at entirely different rates due to the access of it. Despite breast milk's ancient roots, Hinde says that there's massive gaps in its research, which prevents the improvement of artificial formulas, coping methods for new mothers, and much more.

By showing how vital breast milk is, Hinde is able to argue how important it is to support mothers and babies -- both in society and science.