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Gesu Antonio Baez Shows Why Men Should Look Up to Women in His Talk on Role Models

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: tedxdeirawomen & youtube
Gesu Antonio Baez, a Humanitarian and Development Professional who currently fills the role of Development Coordinator for the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, explains why men shouldn't be afraid to look up to women in his talk on role models.

He says that because of their gender, the greatness of women is too often overlooked. This is an issue he's aimed to help overcome in his work, which includes holding the position of a UN Women's representative and running campaigns with the organization. As he's proven so successful in his career as a humanitarian, Gesu Antonio Baez has been told he's an inspiration to many people, however he says he never would have gotten to where he is without looking up to powerful women. His greatest influence has been Coco Chanel, however he finds that when he tells people this, he's often met with criticism, as they question why he would look up to a woman when he is a man.

This, as Gesu Antonio Baez explains in his talk on role models, is one of the greatest issues that continues to prevent gender equality. He says that for this to be overcome, men need to stop being afraid of claiming women as their role models. In addition to pushing women's rights forward, this helps men to feel liberated, as they're able to claim their own essence rather than trying to reach the hyper-masculine ideal that's perpetuated by society.