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Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Talk on Discomfort Uses Superhero Anecdotes

 - Mar 14, 2016
As a comic book writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick’s talk on discomfort reveals her strategies about how to embrace and grow from awkward situations. She says that working in an industry that is dominated by heroes and heroines has made her realize that even superheroes don’t limit themselves to fights they know they can win. This singular point about her extensive career is something that can resonate with almost anyone.

As her speech continues, she declares that there are risks that should be taken, even if the outcome is unpredictable. Among her top tips, DeConnick tells her listeners to "find your people." She says immersing oneself in a community that pushes vulnerability is the key to unlocking growth and personal development.

During her talk on discomfort, DeConnick encourages her listeners to not only be uncomfortable, but to be a discomfort provider as well. DeConnick reassures other creatives that while living in a world with comment threads and Internet veils, it is vital to embrace awkward situations in order to progress.