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Tracey Chambers's Speech on Unemployment Focuses on Mothers

 - Jan 9, 2015
In her speech on unemployment, Tracey Chambers addresses the issue of South African women and mothers who cannot find work. The speaker does this by sharing her own experience in business and her journey to find her purpose.

In an effort to lean in to other women, share her gifts and work with other mothers, Chambers began a program to help unemployed moms be financially independent and become self-employed. Through this she discovered 80% of the women she encountered had the same story -- one of domestic abuse, hunger, poverty and instability at a young age. These under-educated single mothers felt paralyzed by their circumstances and were underdeveloped emotionally.

The speech on unemployment presents micro-franchising as a solution that meets these women where they are at. Micro-franchising is where an entrepreneur develops a business model and uses franchisees to replicate it. They partner with strategic players in relevant markets and perform testing before recruiting self-motivated individuals who are ready for responsibility. Providing structure, group work and copying tasks, this method has helped 700 women in 5 years who collectively generated over 23 million rands in profits.