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Chip Conley's Talk on Modern Workplaces Advocates for Age-Inclusivity

 - Oct 23, 2018
References: chipconley & ted
Chip Conley is an experienced boutique hotel entrepreneur, whose talk on modern workplaces gives valuable insight into the benefits of a cross-generational company makeup. Because of his knowledge, accumulated through decades within the environment of the hospitality industry, the speaker was invited to join Airbnb. His role was to assist in evolving the tech start-up into a global brand. Conley worked closely with young entrepreneurs and became the in-house mentor for many of them, including CEO Brian Chesky.

The hotel entrepreneur learned something new as well, however. Conley contributed with his organizational experience and emotional intelligence — a peak typically reached in midlife, when patterns of recognition have been developed and a deeper awareness of both self and the world is facilitated. The "young geniuses," on the other hand, were well-versed and able to educate Conley on the vast digital landscape. In other words, a steady relationship of knowledge-sharing was established which helped the business to be informed and thrive in the market.

Thus, it becomes clear that age-inclusivity in a fast-moving job environment is essential for the steady and successful progression of a company. During his talk on modern workplaces, the speaker essentially advocates for opportunities that allow for "intergenerational pipelines of wisdom" — an opportunity to "match [...] wise eyes with [...] fresh eyes."

This is incredibly important and exponentially beneficial in today's day and age, as we are currently experiencing a workplace that simultaneously houses five generations. As studies have proven to show that "age-diverse teams are more effective and successful," it is key to figure out a framework, through which knowledge can be shared seamlessly.

With his talk on modern workplaces, Chip Conley advocates for a working alchemy between generations that will act as a force to propel the business, as well as the individuals in it, forward. Thus, the speaker creates the idea of the modern elder who can harness "timeless wisdom and apply it to modern-day problems."