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In His Talk on Justice, Marlon Peterson Considers Life After Prison

 - Jun 28, 2017
References: marlonpeterson & youtube
Marlon Peterson, the founder and "chief re-imaginator" of social justice consulting firm The Precedential Group, introduces his talk on justice reform by explaining his Trinidadian background, and how he was later arrested due to a rivalry attempt in lower Manhattan when he was a teen.

Following this, he spent over 10 years in prison -- a time that he describes as "the opposite of humanity," and absolute irrelevance. During his time in prison, Peterson sent and received various letters as a part of a mentorship program, which enabled him to see his worth, and gave him a sense of what he could contribute to the world.

With his talk on justice reform, Peterson shows the need to give those who've made mistakes in the past the chance to better themselves, rather than putting them in a system that tends to breed repeat offenders.