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The Adam Foss talk on criminal justice reform shares the prosecutor's vision for a better system.... Need Inspiration?

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Adam Foss's Speech on Criminal Justice Discusses Necessary Reform

 - Apr 29, 2016
In his speech on criminal justice, prosecutor Adam Foss shares his vision for reform. Based in Boston, the speaker asks why spend exorbitant amounts of money to keep people in jail for life instead of investing it to prevent crime to begin with. He lists staggering inefficiency, unfairness and power dynamics as reasons why he entered into criminal justice work as a public defender and prosecutor.

The speech on criminal justice sheds light on how ill-equipped prosecutors are as they have little appreciation of the impact their decisions have, regardless of their intent. Foss contrasts power of opportunity with the wrath of the system and the power of prosecutors to change lives instead of ruin them. He suggests spending time coming up with real solutions to the problems they're presented with. His vision is for a criminal justice system based on opportunity, intervention, support and love where district attorneys can keep communities safe for everyone with data to back them up.