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In Her Talk on Equality, Caroline Codsi Highlights Different Women's Issues

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: tedxmontrealwomen & youtube
Caroline Codsi of Cira Medical Services highlights the importance of community, progression and understanding throughout her talk on equality. She begins by reminding her audience that there can be no truth without justice and that there should be no place for a lack of action in our society regarding these issues. In order for progress to happen, she says that it's vital for people to insist on it, as these problems can be facilitated through governments and larger society.

Though she was born in Beirut, Codsi has lived in three different continents and is fluent in four languages, which she has used to her advantage in her quest to understand how inequality harms people in diverse areas. She points out that women tend to be treated the most unfairly in cultures everywhere. When she moved to Canada back in 1990, she hoped that she'd be in something of a safe haven as a feminist. She quickly realized how wrong she was and cites the disturbing stats regarding violence against women, as well as the wage gap.

Throughout her talk on equality, she goes over her experiences working in women's shelters, as well as how she notices sexism even in the highest levels of the corporate sector. By highlighting these issues and involving her global perspective, Codsi shows the need to keep pushing for women's rights, as even the nations that are considered to be progressive are a long way from being truly equal.