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Kimberley Motley's Justice Speech Advocates For the Proper Use of Laws

 - Oct 29, 2014
References: youtube
Kimberley Motley's justice speech bravely targets the issue of how country laws are put in place to protect the nation's people but are often unable to provide citizens with justness. Motley shares her stories of delegating justice in countries like Afghanistan to help ensure that human rights laws are being properly met and used.

Motley is an American layer that has boldly stepped in as the first North American litigator to work in courts in Afghanistan. Motley shares several personal success stories of trials in Afghanistan that she's won by ensuring that Afghani laws are being used according to their intention. One of her stories speaks about a six-year-old girl that Motley saved from an arranged marriage based on an unpaid debt. "The reason for my success is very simple," Motley says. "I work the system from the inside out and use the laws in the ways that they are intended to be used."