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Steve Wilson’s Talk on Creativity Encourages Risk-Taking Pursuits

 - Mar 27, 2016
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During this talk on creativity, Steve Wilson, founder of '21c Museum Hotels,' explains how his childhood dreams manifested into an adulthood reality. His talk begins from the very beginning of his life and guides the audience through the whimsical journey that allowed him to take risks -- and find ultimate rewards.

His chain of hotels is essentially a hybridization of modern museum art and welcoming hotel hospitality. With an ever curios mindset, 21c Museum Hotels offers guests an experience that allows them to dine, sleep and engage with art. The goal for his hotels is to present a homey environment accompanied with extraordinary art that is thought-provoking and unique.

Throughout this captivating talk on creativity, Wilson says "if you can dream it, [he’s] here to tell you, you can do it." After a lifetime of taking risks and following his spur-of-the-moment ideas, Wilson’s talk will inspire others to pursue their own passions.