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Bill Marriott's Life and Work Balance Speech Focuses on Workers

 - Oct 19, 2012
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Bill Marriott, the CEO of Marriott hotels, shares his tips for achieving success in business and family in this life and work balance speech. With over 3,700 hotels in 32 countries, Marriott has welcomed high levels of success. Mr. Marriott attributes it to the company's strong foundation of caring for people. He believes that if you properly take care of your associates, then they will take good care of the customers and they will return.

In order to perform well at work, Mr. Marriott believes that one's personal life needs to be in order. From spiritual to mental and physical stability, to guarding bad habits, there are a number of ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

He finishes his life and balance speech by telling the members of the audience to only go into a business if they are entirely passionate about its cause.