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Tania Luna’s Appreciation Speech Discusses Growing Up Homeles

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: tanialuna & youtu.be
Speaker Tania Luna tells her inspiring personal story in this appreciation speech. It’s easy for one to forget how lucky they are when they've grown up in a financially secure environment. Growing up homeless, Luna learned to appreciate all of the small pleasures she received.

Luna talks about coming to America and staying in a homeless shelter with her family. However, she didn’t know it was a homeless shelter, she thought it was a hotel. Compared to the living conditions she had been exposed to while living in Chernobyl, she felt lucky to be there. She talks about how finding a penny on the ground made her feel rich. Luna reveals that her husband grew up homeless as well, but had a small collection of toys and comics that kept him happily occupied no matter how hungry he got or how bleak his situation was.

Growing up with almost nothing has a way of making one appreciate what they have. Luna stresses the importance of finding value in one’s surroundings or possessions, even if they don’t have a lot.