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Vivek Wadhwa's Tech Speech Encourages Us to Remain Cautious

 - Jan 5, 2015
References: youtube
Vivek Wadhwa's tech speech looks into the rapid technology advancements that are completely revolutionizing the food, health care and entrepreneurial industries. While these advancements are impressive, Wadhaw warns that consumers and businesses will have to face several drastic ethical decisions as the playing field for industry rules and regulations revolutionizes, too.

As the Internet, 3D printing and smartphones become all the more convenient, businesses like Uber and Airbnb are completely revolutionizing the traditional business models for hotels and transportation by offering a more affordable and alternative option.These sorts of tech-aided developments will help tackle issues of shortage, but Wadhwa warns that they will create several ethical issues as well. "We're having these new technology companies battling old-line industries," Wadhaw says, "this is the beginning. We're going to see more and more debates about what's right and what's wrong."