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This Talk About Science Proves Inexperience Can Yield Breakthrough Results

 - Mar 17, 2016
References: vimeo
Ciara Judge and Emer Hickey’s talk about science reveals how they developed a breakthrough in the food industry at the young age of 14. Their talk discusses how being curious and asking questions in school lead them and their teammate Sophie to win the ‘Google Global Science Fair.’

They created an experiment, which resulted in a new innovation that could potentially be used to advance food crops and reduce world hunger. Their talk shows how youthful curiosity played a huge role in the way they looked at the world of science, geography and the global food crisis.

The most important outcome from this talk about science is that asking questions and thinking in a mindset that is fresh, inexperienced and uncluttered can result in new ways of conceptualizing thoughts. Since Judge and Hickey were only 14, they had little knowledge about science, but this allowed them to ask the questions that industry professionals believe to simply be common sense.