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Rachel Parent's Talk on GMOs on Introducing Labels in North America

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: kidsrighttoknow & youtu.be
In her talk on GMOs, Rachel Parent discusses the need to label genetically modified foods. The 15 year old has been fighting for this change from food corporations since she was 12.

The speaker explains most GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are created to have its own internal insecticide or stay alive when sprayed with pesticides, rather than to produce greater yields, be more nutritious or grow with less water as many believe. This led her to question the purpose of GMOs. As poverty is the cause of hunger, not a lack of food, feeding the world is not the purpose. Nor is the purpose increasing crop yields.

The talk on GMOs also gets into the dramatic increase in pesticide use and its negative effects on animals and insects, like the monarch butterfly. However, no long term human health diets have been conducted since GMOs were introduced over 20 years ago. GMO labelling is mandatory in every other industrialized country except the US and Canada. Given past precedence in food labels such as adding 'may contain nuts,' the speaker believes corporations should respond to consumer demand and added labels. If there's nothing wrong with GMOs, why hide them?