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Aline Ploeg's Talk on Veganism Explains Why a Plant-Based Diet is Best

 - Dec 19, 2014
In her talk on veganism, Aline Ploeg explains why she has not eaten meat in 30 years. The animal welfare activist shares her story of how she became a vegetarian and later a vegan.

The animal lover believes humans have a natural connection with animals because we feel excited by the beauty of a deer or butterfly, say, and outraged by their abuse. The speaker feels it is not fair to classify some animals as eatable, but keep others as pets. This is cultural and she states diet is a learned behavior. For example, in western society we keep dogs as pets but eat pigs, where as in Asia people eat dogs and we find it disgusting.

In addition to having compassion for animals, the talk on veganism lists other reasons why a plant-based diet is beneficial. This includes health, world hunger and the environment.